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Evrosad d.o.o. Krško started to actively conduct business on 1 January 1996, after concluding a sales-purchase agreement with Mercator - Agrokombinat Krško d.o.o. in 1995 which was in accordance with the agreement and all legitimate decisions. In our business plan we set ambitious and daring goals, in accordance with given and then known conditions. Despite difficult management conditions we overcame the first three years of business, with difficulty and yet successfully. Today we produce 10,000 tons of fruit on 250 ha net land.

In September 2000 Sadjarstvo Blanca d.o.o. was incorporated which is connected with Evrosad. They produce 3,500 tons of fruit on 120 ha net land annually, and production is expected to increase to 5,000 tons per year.

Sadjarstvo Ormož d.o.o. became an integral part of the group in autumn 2011. They currently have 140 ha net land and produce over 4,000 tons of fruit, with the possibility to expand the land to 190 ha.

We have been cooperating with fruit growers from the Posavje region for over ten years and in the recent years we expanded our cooperation to fruit growers from all over Slovenia. We have agreements concluded with them for purchase of apples, pears and peaches. They are our contractual producers; the total area on which they produce 3,500 tons of fruit is 150 ha. We, all together, constitute the EVROSAD GROUP. We sell the fruit produced by us or our contractual producers under the “Evrosad” brand.

Evrosad expert group

The EXPERT GROUP is active within the group consisting of Evrosad, Sadjarstvo Blanca, Sadjarstvo Ormož and fruit growers who signed agreements with Evrosad d.o.o. Krško. It has been active since 2007. It comprises those employed in the technological department, fruit growers’ representatives, the fruit growing specialist of the Novo mesto Agricultural-Forestry Institute also actively cooperates with us. In addition to her we also invite an expert from the field which is being discussed.

The work of the Evrosad expert group is of high quality and very professional, because despite years of experience new questions and issues are constantly arising and they attempt to solve them at Expert Group meetings and find the most suitable solution to produce high quality harvest.