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Royal Gala
One of our newest varieties. It is ripe in early September and is yellow-red. It is an extremely compact and tasty apple. It has become very recognized on the market in the recent years and the demand for this variety is increasing. It is especially popular in markets where consumers want sweeter apples.
Is one of the most resistant varieties of apples. It originates from the USA (Idaho). It has good storage qualities. It is ripe in mid October. It is round, red and medium sized. Its flesh is firm and white. It has a slightly sour and refreshing taste.
Golden Delicious
It originates from America (West Virginia). It grows ripe in the second half of September. The apples are of nice golden colour with a little bit of red when turned against the sun. The meat is firm, juicy, aromatic and sweet. The apples are very sensitive to scab, thinning is mandatory. It is constantly ranked high on the list of popular varieties.
An early variety of apples which grows ripe already in September. It is red-yellow, the meat is yellowish, sweet and juicy. It is an extremely popular variety among the consumers.
One of our tastiest and most popular apples. It is ripe at the end of September. It is very juicy and sweet, slightly sour and aromatic. The apples are mainly nicely formed, the skin is smooth, yellow, the covering colour is red. This variety still has its place among the consumers, despite the expanded assortment.
Granny Smith
Is an apple of Australian origin. The apples are of intense green colour, with distinctive, mostly white lenticels. The taste is refreshing and sour, but emptier because of lower sugar content. It grows ripe in the second half of October. It is making its way among the consumers who like a sour taste.
A variety that is losing its place in intense orchard. The apples are dark red and oval. The flesh is firm and sweet. It grows ripe in October, the apples are sensitive to scab.
It originates from New Zealand. It grows ripe in the first half of October. The flesh is very firm, juicy, rather sweet, with a mild aroma. The apples are sensitive to bitter scab. It has one of the most high-quality flesh.
Is of Japanese origin. It got its name after their highest mountain. It is a high quality variety. The meat is very juicy, firm, sweet and aromatic. The basic colour of the apples is yellow, covered by brown-red which is distributed on the apple’s surface in form of streaks. The variety grows ripe in the second half of October. It has good storage features and is sold well as it is acquiring an increasingly higher market share.