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To achieve principles we have to take into consideration the quality policy of company.

Quality policy

The most important component of company Evrosad d.o.o. Krško are quality policy, environment, safety and health at work. So this composition is integrated into all business processes.

This includes:

- Fulfilling and exceeding customer's requirements, needs and expectations.
- To increase customer satisfaction and ensuring their health and safety we have to motivate our employees and assure them information’s and education.
- Effectiveness of processes and compliance products.
- Establishment of partnerships.
- Working in line with the expectations of society.
- Constant attention to ensure safe food and consumer safety.
- Maintaining and caring for the environment.

At the same time management is aware that in order for the agricultural business to be successful, knowledge from a number of fields is required. In addition to the basic principles fruit production requires knowledge from the field of food science, mechanical engineering, economy and business.